Black Sabbath Announce Final Tour

  • A few months ago, Black Sabbath teased something that was referred to as their “final show.” That concert, originally scheduled for Nov. 21-22 at Makuhari Messe near Tokyo was eventually canceled. But now it looks like they’re ready to go out on the road for one last tour. The band just released a 75-second video that announces their final road trip. In the clip, which you can watch above, a doomsday voice intones, “It’s the beginning of the end. It started nearly five decades ago with a crack of thunder, a distant bell ringing and monstrous riff that shook the earth.” The video loads up on the band’s achievements, running through proclamations like “In that moment, heavy metal was born” (possibly), “Now it ends, the final tour by the greatest metal band of all time” (probably) and “[They’re] closing the final chapter in the final volume” (we’ll see). Not so surprisingly, the band’s original drummer, Bill Ward, isn’t listed in the roll call of tour participants, which includes the other three members: Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler. Ward has been sparring with his bandmates, particularly Osbourne, since the group recorded and released its reunion album, 13, without him a couple years ago. Still, no drummer was part of the doomsday voice’s lineup, so maybe there’s hope yet. The tour — which starts on Jan. 20 in Omaha — will cover North America and Australia and New Zealand. You can see the entire list of dates below. Black Sabbath 2016 Tour Dates 1/20 Omaha, NE Century Link Center 1/22 Chicago, IL United Center 1/25 Minneapolis, MN Target Center 1/28 Saskatoon, SK Sasktel Centre 1/30 Edmonton, AB Rexall Centre 2/1 Calgary, AB Scotiabank Saddledome 2/3 Vancouver, BC Rogers Arena 2/6 Tacoma, WA Tacoma Dome 2/9 San Jose, CA SAP Center 2/11 Los Angeles, CA The Forum 2/13 Las Vegas, NV Mandalay Bay Events Center 2/15 Denver, CO Pepsi Center 2/17 Kansas City, MO Sprint Center 2/19 Detroit, MI The Palace of Auburn Hills 2/21 Hamilton, ON FirstOntario Centre 2/23 Montreal, QB Bell Centre 2/25 New York City, NY Madison Square Garden Australia/New Zealand Tour Dates 4/15 Perth Perth Arena 4/17 Adelaide Entertainment Centre 4/19 Melbourne Rod Laver Arena 4/23 Sydney Allphones Arena 4/25 Brisbane Entertainment Centre 4/28 Auckland Vector Arena 4/30 Dunedin Forsyth Barr Stadium Source:

Wacken 2015 – the review

During the past years, the fact that Wacken sells out is more of like a tradition and with Savatage and Judas Priest on the bill, one can only expect another sold out edition. Thousands of metal fans from every corner of the world come to at Wacken to have fun and celebrate the metal way, for whole four days.


Unfortunatelly the weather was far from good, the rain transformed the whole festival into a huge mud pit. I’m still not entirely sure whether 2015 was the worst year rain wise or if it was 2005. However, the weather goods were out drinking…


Swedish rockers Europe did hell of a show and their set was with classic.

Probably the fact that they played in the Bullhead City Tent was one of the best things that happened this year at Wacken. A few thousand people came to hide from the rain and listen to good music already on Wednesday. Actually so many people came that already during the second song they stopped the crowd access because the tent was already filled.



Photo: Alfred Nitsch

Photo: Alfred Nitsch

It took us a while to get to the main festival area, by then the rain had just stopped for a few hours and then we finally got to see Rob Zombie. Rob Zombie is the definition of Hollywood and he didn’t disappoint. To some known as a movie director/producer, to others as the ex-singer of White Zombie (thus his name!), he manged to get the frozen people finally start moving and for 40 minutes we actually managed to forget about the weather. His set was a mix of Rob Zombie hits combined with a few White Zombie songs and even a weird cover of Metalica’s Enter the Sandman. I would probably prefer to see him under different circumstances, less rain and probably during the night. However, he delivered all the way and it was the perfect start of the evening.

Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg (Schwicht de Burgh Photography)

Photo: Frank Schwichtenberg (Schwicht de Burgh Photography)

Like many others, I have been personally dreaming about this reunion for many many years. Savatage’s show was not only a reunion, it was the most perfect an outstanding show I have probably witnessed. Even though dancers don’t really fit in when it comes to heavy metal, I must agree that everything was so well planned and rehearsed that it felt almost too good to be true. To my knowledge, Savatage is the only band that has played on both stages at the same time and that says a lot.

Photo: Andreas Lawen

Photo: Andreas Lawen

Setlistwise, they began with Gutter Ballet, leaving almost everybody with a wide open mouth after the first few minutes. Who could have imagined that they would sound better than they ever did after such a long break?


Everything was simply just perfect and they played pretty much all their important songs. They went off the stage, but not before they ended their set with probably one of their best songs ever “Chance”. On our way back to the camping, I saw more than a few people over forty years that had simply been left in the tears after the concert. Hopefully we won’t have to wait that long before Savatage gets back on stage again.




We started the day in the same manner as we ended it the previous night – with melodic heavy metal and this time was Brazil’s turn with their national heroes also known as Angra. I had never seem them live so I didn’t really know what to expect. They didn’t disappoint at all and the sound was really good, especially considering the fact that it was rather windy. Obviously they ended their set with no other song than Carry On.


This was probably Opeth’s 4th visit in Wacken during the past 10 years and even though Åkerfeldt doesn’t really look like a metal guy anymore, but rather like a hippie, his growling is as deep as it used to be. They started their set with songs off their psychedelic album and as I was ready to leave they suddenly shifted back into the music that made Opeth famous. They ended gloriously with their masterpiece Deliverance.


It was then time to move to the Party Stage to watch Jeff Waters & Co. Even though he is a great musician and King of the Kill is one of my favourite albums ever, I still have a hard time listening to all their classic songs with Jeff on vocals. Unfortunately, Jeff has already said that he is tired about all line-up changes and hunting down new vocalists, which will probably mean that he will hold on to the singing duties for a good while… Sun and Annihilator is always a good mix, and beyond the fact that some songs sounded a bit dull due of the above mentioned reason, the Canadians did a really good gig (but not as good as the one just 2 years earlier). A big bonus for the fans present at their gig was to see Mike Mangini go up on stage totally unprepared and play Set the World on Fire. Apparently, it was the first time in 20 years…

at the gates 2014

At The Gates brought their typical Swedish death-metal riffing, this time promoting their latest At War With Reality. Unfortunately, their time has gone and for every day that goes by they feel more and more like a band that is in the game just for the prize. At the gates should have stopped after their legendary show at Wacken in 2008. The same can be said about Queensrÿche, another band that didn’t know when to say stop. After all the drama with their ex-singer Jeoff Tate, they decided they should continue, slowly drowning in mediocrity that lacks any real depth.



Watching Dream Theater straight after having seen a dull version of what used to be the forefathers of progressive metal made the whole experience a bit weird. It was the first time I saw them with Mike Mangini and I only realised it towards the end of the gig. He is such a great musician that it’s near impossible to distinguish the fact that Portnoy is not in the Dream Theater boat anymore… All in all, a really good gig, a lesson Queensrÿche should learn from their once upon a time fans.

It was then time for yet another Swedish band – In Flames having reached something of a special guest status in Wacken and for that reason they return almost every second year. Their fantastic stage show combined with a state of the art lights show carried their music away into the night and reached out to the 75 000 metalheads who were watching their gig. Brilliant!


Running Wild ended the day for us, although I could have lived without having to see Rolf making a fool of himself, stating last gig ever only to announce a few years later that he’s returning with a new studio album. Fortunately, it’s one year left until the album will come out so that give’s Rolf enough time to make it right, this one last time. The set included no more than 5 brand new songs, which in my eyes is a total no-go. I was probably not the only person of the same opinion, since you could clearly see people giving up and retreating back to the camping. By the time Rolf played his second encore, I would estimate that only half of the crowd was left. Some people really don’t know when to retire and that is sad.


Khold and Kataklysm kicked in the last day of Wacken and the sun finally returned as well. Unfortunately, these two bands overlapped meaning that we had to choose and it considering that fact that Kataklysm were not at their first visit in Wacken, we went to see the Norwegians. I had high expectations and the Norwegians delivered, though the sound was quite weird. They did their best under these circumstances. They would have probably sounded better in the Bullhead City tent.

twisted sister

Rock meets classic sounded like a good concept and we were really looking forward to see all those famous singers backed up by an orchestra. Dee Snider seemed to really enjoy himself and for some reason it looked like he was the Boss on stage. Unfortunately, even though the songs chosen made a really good set, sometimes it gave me the feeling of late karaoke on Sunday night. I really enjoyed the Pirates of the Caribbean part though…


Bloodbath has been playing pretty much every major European festival this year which makes me wonder, how do they really do sale-wise? Especially if we are to compare them with Obituary who got downgraded to the Wet Stage for a reason unknown to me. The major change in the Swedish death metal camp, is that they’re not only Swedes anymore now that they fronted by Nick Holmes from Paradise lost. Nick did a pretty good job, but that still doesn’t explain why they got such a good slot on the main stage. Obviously they have a good deal with the management agency.

Until this day, the grand success that Sabaton achieved is a pure mystery to me. I can still remember seeing them like 10 years ago on the Party Stage, making a few thousand Germans scream of joy when they announced the song that lyrically is about how Germany got its ass kicked in the second world war. Might have to do with this political correctness that has been poisoning Europe for a good while now. Still, it seems that their primitive riffs have earned a good reputation among Germans and Sabaton seem to be surprised themselves by the huge amount of people that they dragged to the main stage to watch them. I still like to think most of the people were actually there waiting for the highlight of the festival – Judas Priest.


The Priest returned to Wacken with a new album – Redeemer of Souls. It is seldom that such an old band can come with a really good album, especially if we are to compare them to their younger “brothers”, Saxon and Running Wild. I thought I would miss KK Downing more, but in this late time I have to agree to the band that they found the perfect replacement in Faulkner’s person.

The setlist didn’t disappoint a second and all the hits were there, as well as the best songs from the new album. The victory was complete when they ended their concert with Living after Midnight as the clock showed 00:00.


Mud-apocalypse is a synonym to WOA 2015, and despite the fact that it was literally the worst festival weather I’ve ever experienced, I’ve never seen so many merry people under so bad conditions. After all, it was either being depressed or getting drunk and continue to party. Not even the rain managed to damage this festival’s reputation, at least judging by the fact that WOA 2016 is already sold out, just a few days after the people just managed to escape from the mud pit.





Wacken 2016 sold out

It has become a tradition that every new edition of Wacken Open Air is sold out just as the old one just finished. What to look forward in 2016:

(spoken word)

  • Dear Metalheads, Again the Wacken Open Air is sold out, what means 75.000 tickets are assigned to you! You are really crazy. Thank you for your loyalty and your unabated support! We will do our very best to organize another memorable W:O:A in 2016. The fans are the soul of the festival only together with you we are able to celebrate the most awesome Metal festival of the year! The ticket dispatch takes some weeks – Metaltix works very hard during that time. Please only get in touch with the team in urgent cases. That helps us all a lot. Thanks for your outstanding support Metalheads! See you at Wacken 2016 – Rain or Shine!Source:
morbid angel

David Vincent officially no longer a part of Morbid Angel

After several days of back and forth communication it’s official: David Vincent is no longer part of Morbid Angel, according to his statement on his Official Facebook  page:

  • I had good communication with Trey yesterday and we agree that there are incompatibilities with regards to us working together. Trey and I have accomplished amazing things together over the past 30 years and I wish him the best with his future projects. Out of respect for the legacy of these accomplishments, I encourage Morbid Angel fans to not take sides because, I am not. I look forward to sharing my new endeavors with all of you in the near future. Until then, stay Morbid! David Vincent

Before this statement other two band members announced their exit from the legendary death metal group: drummer Tim Yeung and Norwegian guitarist Destructhor.

Trey (Azagthoth) has reunited with Steve Tucker with whom he already started writing new material with.




Mastodon on the set of Game of Thrones

Mastodon members Bill Kelliher, Brent Hinds and Brann Dailor made a surprise appearance on the set of the popular series “Game of Thrones”.

  • “Game of Thrones” showrunner D.B. Weiss, who has emailed back and forth with Dailor, and other producers invited the band to appear on the show. “When we found out that Dan [Weiss] was a big fan of the band, I was like, ‘I knew that guy was a metalhead!’” Dailor said.

Mastodon aren’t the first musicians to make make an appearance on the hit HBO show. Coldplay’s Will Champion and Sigur Rós have both appeared in Westeros, while the National and the Hold Steady have both contributed songs.



Lindemann, the new project of Rammstein lead singer Till Lindemann alongside Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy), will have its long-awaited debut album Skills In Pills released on June 23, 2015 via Warner Bros. Records in the U.S. (following the global release on June 19). Lead single “Praise Abort” will be released 3 weeks ahead of the album on May 29.


Pre-order Skills In Pills via iTunes:


Pre-order Skills In Pills via the Warner Music store:


Based in Germany, Rammstein is known as one of the most successful and well-respected rock bands of our time, having sold an incredible 17 million records around the globe to date. Peter Tägtgren, the mastermind of both Hypocrisy and Pain, is also a well-respected and highly-acclaimed Metal producer, and has worked with the likes of Amon Amarth, Dimmu Borgir, Sabaton, Children of Bodom, Cradle of Filth, and more.


Lindemann combines the Rammstein singer’s often hilarious, sometimes utterly filthy lyrics with Tägtgren’s super-modern studio skills and instrumentation, resulting in the twisted product of two uniquely creative minds, Skills In Pills.


Stay tuned for more information to come on Lindemann!


Skills In Pills will be available in the following versions:

  • Standard (Digipack)
  • Special Edition (Blu-Ray-packaging, high-quality booklet, bonus track)
  • 12” Vinyl (gatefold cover, 28-page booklet, bonus track, album-download-code)
  • Digital
  • Super Deluxe (Coffee-table-style book with 80 pages, high-quality package, CD with bonus track)


The track listing for Skills In Pills is:

  1. Skills In Pills
  2. Ladyboy
  3. Fat
  4. Fish On
  5. Children Of The Sun
  6. Home Sweet Home
  7. Cowboy
  8. Golden Shower
  9. Yukon
  10. Praise Abort
  11. That’s My Heart*

*Bonus Track

New band members for Accept



Accept announced that former Grave Digger guitarist Uwe Lulis joined the band. They also announced that Christopher Williams joined the band as their new drummer.


  • The past, present and future for ACCEPT was, and still is, beyond the band’s imagination, but not beyond their reach! We all know they could not have come so far without their fans and the endless gifted people who are working so hard for ACCEPT! Thank you to all of them from all of us with the promise that we will come back — better and stronger and even more devoted than the last time

Twisted Sister We Wanna Rock … One Last Time

On April 7, nearly four weeks after the death of drummer A.J. Pero, Twisted Sister announced that they will embark on their final tour together in 2016, dubbed “Forty and Fuck It”, and then split up. Mike Portnoy (Adrenaline Mob, The Winery Dogs and formerly of Dream Theater) will be filling in for Pero on the tour.



    New York, NY—It was with heavy hearts that Twisted Sister said goodbye to their drummer A.J. Pero, who passed away on March 20. Today, Twisted Sister members Dee Snider (vocals), Jay Jay French (guitar), Eddie Ojeda (guitar), and Mark “The Animal” Mendoza (bass), have announced that world renowned drummer Mike Portnoy (Dream Theater, Adrenaline Mob, Winery Dogs) is the replacement for their brother A.J. Pero for all shows this year. To honor Pero’s memory, two shows will take place on the east coast and west coast. The first, on May 30th at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, will be filmed for broadcast, DVD, and CD. The second, for the A.J. Pero family, is scheduled on Saturday, June 13 at The Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, NJ. Additionally, fulfilling all concert obligations that have been made for the remainder of 2015 (in several different countries), Twisted Sister want their fans to know all festival dates that they have been advertised as playing will happen. Finally, Twisted Sister has made it official that 2016 will formally close the touring chapter of their illustrious and legendary career. The “Forty and F*ck It” farewell shows celebrates the band’s 40th anniversary with the core line-up of Snider, French, Ojeda and Mendoza.Twisted Sister official statement


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